Inside Lens : Documentary Series by NHK World TV

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★ Sept.9 Sat @ 4:30 PM

2015-2017 | 85 min | with English Subtitles | Directed by Ivan Kovac & Jeffrey Jousan (Man’s Best Friend), Ophélie Giomataris (Deep Flowers), Marie Linton (Game Preservation -The Quest-)

Presented by NHK World TV

NHK World TV presents Inside Lens, a special documentary series featuring works of international filmmakers in Japan and Asia. As a special edition of JFFSF, three documentaries from international journalists living in Japan share the curious perspective on people in Japan with a passion to “revive” lost souls of robotic pets, plants, and retro games.
Man’s Best Friend (Director: Ivan Kovac, Jeffrey Jousan)
Deep Flowers (Director: Ophélie Giomataris)
Game Preservation -The Quest- (Director: Marie Linton)