Guests 2013-2016

【2017】 To be announced soon!


Shunji Iwai

Iwai was born in Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture in 1963, and began directing TV, Music Videos and Film in 1988. His distinct directing style has since been coined the “Iwai Aesthetic.” In 1995, his film, Love Letter became a huge hit across Asia, particularly in China and South Korea… read More

Ryusuke Hamaguchi

Director Ryusuke Hamaguchi was born on Dec 16, 1978. After graduating from the University of Tokyo with a Bachelor of Art in Aesthetics in March 2003, he had been working as an assistant directors for film and TV industry for three years… read More


Tadanobu Asano

In 2003, he received the Upstream Prize for Best Actor at the 60th Annual Venice Film Festival for his role in the arthouse film Last Life In The Universe directed by Pen-Ek Ratanaruang. He later portrayed a young Genghis Khan in Sergei Bodrov’s film Mongol, which was nominated … read more

Ken Ishii

Pioneering producer, world-renowned DJ and true Nippon national treasure, Ken Ishii needs no introduction. With no more than a demo and a string of 12″es under his belt, the Japanese techno originator played his firstever live set in front of more than 20,000 people right after debuting… read more

Koji Morimoto

Born December 26, 1959 in Wakayama Prefecture. Supervisor and founder of Creative Team phyΦ. He is best known for his works, MAGNETIC ROSE from anime trilogy MEMORIES, EXTRA , Animatrix, and Dimension Bomb. He received the Cannes Cyber Lions Silver… read more


Dance & Vocal Group

Formed in 2010, TOKYO GIRLS’ STYLE is a dance and vocal group consisting of 5 teenagers, Aya Konishi, Miyu Yamabe, Hitomi Arai, Yuri Nakae and Mei Shoji. In 2011, only one year after their debut, this young girls’ group (average age 15) held their first Japan tour, and the tickets for Nakano Sun Plaza … read more

Mitsutoshi Tanaka
Film Director

Born in 1958 in Hokkaido, he joined Dentsu Eigasha (now Dentsu Tec) upon graduation from Osaka University of Arts, making TV commercials for TV Man Union before establishing Creators’ Union Co. in 1984. As a director of TV commercials, he has won awards … read more

Yûki Furukawa

Born in 1987 Tokyo, Yûki moved to Canada at the age of 7. After graduating junior high school, he moved to America to enter a high school in New York and return to Japan at the age of 19. Yûki was a student at Keio University, faculty of Science and Technology. March 2010, Yuki received the jury’s special award at the “Horipro’s 50 Year Anniversary Actor Audition”… read more


Kyohei Sakaguchi
Architect, Writer, and Artist

Born 1978 in Kumamoto, Japan. He studied architecture and graduated from Waseda University. While a student at Waseda, he began to question the ways of modern architecture and researched buildings and gardens created by amateur non-architects. His graduating thesis on the temporary
structures of homeless people became published… read more

Miwa Nishikawa
Director of Dreams for Sale

Born 1974 in Hiroshima, Japan. While attending college, she worked as a production staff for Director Hirokazu Koreeda’s Wonderful Life (1999). In 2002, she made her directorial debut with the film Wild Berries (Hebiichigo). In 2006, she directed the film Sway (Yureru), which became a long run hit at the box office and took a sweeping victory of major film…. read more

Shinsuke Sato
Director of Library Wars

Born 1970 in Hiroshima, Japan. In 1993, while attending Musashino Art University, he wrote the screenplay and directed the 16mm short film Ryonai Genshuku, which won the Pia Film Festival 1994 (PFF94) Grand Prize. This led to the beginning of his career as a film and television drama screenwriter. In 2001, he made his major debut as a director with the film… read more