DASHI & SHOYU: Essence of Japan

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★ July 30 Sat @ 12:00 PM US Premiere!
Special Dashi Stock Tasting at the Screening!

2014 | 100 min | English Dubbed | Directed by Shohei Shibata | Distributed by ASIA Documentary Productions Company | Co-presented by Consulate General of Japan in San Francisco

This visually striking food documentary is focused on two crucial essence of Japanese cuisine: the delicate stock ‘Dashi,’ and the golden soy sauce ‘Shoyu.’ Dashi is the bedrock of Japanese cuisine and a distillation of natural resources of Japan. ‘Shoyu’ is a pillar of Japanese cuisine, which is made of soy transformed by a type of mold that only exists in Japan. The history and secrets of Umami will be revealed!

DASHI & SHOYU: Essence of Japan Trailer

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