Space Battleship Yamato

This show ended.

2010 / 138 min / with English Subtitles
Directed by Takashi Yamazaki
Starring: Takuya Kimura, Meisa Kuroki

West Coast Premiere

A live-action rendition of the space opera Space Battleship Yamato (Uchu Senkan Yamato) which laid the foundations for the Japanese science fiction anime genre. A brave young crew journey into space to save the human race, which is on the brink of extinction. Although director Takashi Yamazaki gained prominence with his heartwarming film ALWAYS-Sunset on Third Street- (ALWAYS Sancho-me no Yuhi), his background is in science fiction. His talent for VFX shines through in this film as well. Five years have passed since aliens Gamilas invaded the earth in 2194. Most of the human race is gone. Susumu Kodai (Takuya Kimura) and other survivors of the earth defense force embark on Space Battleship Yamato in search of a device that can clean up the earth’s radiation.

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