HUNTER X HUNTER: Phantom Rouge

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2012 / 97 min / with English Subtitles
Directed by Yuzo Sato
Voices: Umika Kawashima, Naohito Fujiki

US Premiere

HUNTER x HUNTER: Phantom Rouge is based on the mega-hit manga series by Yoshihiro Togashi, author of Yu Yu Hakusho, selling over 60 million copies worldwide. With an original script written for the film, it reveals the early life of main characters Clapica and Gon.

Once there was a small tribe of people called Cluta living in a lush and beautiful forest. One day, the Hazard Class-S bandits known as the Phantom Brigade attacked and massacred the entire population except one. Their objective was the eyes that belong to the Cluta people, which turn scarlet with excitement. Known as the Eyes of Rouge, the color is considered one of the seven most exquisite hues in the world. A sole survivor is a boy named Clapica. He vows to avenge his people and becomes a Hunter.

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