Helter Skelter

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2012 / 127 min / with English Subtitles
Directed by Mika Ninagawa
Starring: Erika Sawajiri

San Francisco Premiere

SAKURAN director Mika Ninagawa’s live-action adaptation of the eponymous manga by Kyoko Okazaki, a shojo manga (girls comics) author with a devoted fanbase, utilizes brilliantly colored visuals in depicting the descent of an outwardly perfect but inwardly unstable star who reigns over the entertainment world. Top model Liliko (Erika Sawajiri) captivates the public with her beauty that is the envy of all who look upon her. However, her appearance has been entirely engineered through plastic surgery. Complications arising from the numerous operations begin to eat away at Liliko both physically and psychologically, sending her into a downward spiral.
Co-presented by Center for Asian American Media

(Film contains graphic violence and nudity. Viewer discretion is advised.)

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