One Cut of the Dead

★ Oct.6 Sat @ 5:45PM 【San Francisco Premiere】

2017 | 96 min | with English Subtitles | Directed by Shinichiro Ueda

Director Shinichiro Ueda’s marvelously inventive indie flick has been lighting the box office on fire in Japan.

The film opens in a run-down, abandoned warehouse where a film crew is making a zombie film… Yet, this is no ordinary warehouse. It’s been said that it’s the site of military experiments… Out of nowhere, real zombies arrive and terrorize the crew! This may sound like a plot of a clichéd zombie film, but One Cut of the Dead is something completely different! Starting off with a non-stop one-take 37-minute shot, the film then completely switches direction and turns the zombie genre completely upside down into a charming, audience-friendly comedy!



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