Dear Etranger

★ Oct.7 Sun @ 4:30PM 【San Francisco Premiere】

2017 | 127 min | with English Subtitles | Directed by Yukiko Mishima

Directed by up-and-coming female director Yukiko Mishima, the film has won the 2017 Montreal World Film Festival, World Competition, Special Grand Prix of the Jury. Makoto (Tadanobu Asano) is unable to get along with the daughter of his second wife, Nanae (Rena Tanaka). With Nanae now expecting their first child, Makoto can no longer say he looks forward to meeting with his daughter from his previous marriage to Yuka (Shinobu Terajima). As Makoto begins to feel suffocated by his current family, he decides in desperation to have his step-daughter meet with her father, Sawada (Kankuro Kudo).



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