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Ryota Nakano

Kyoto-born Ryota Nakano studied filmmaking at the Japan Institute of the Moving Image before directing several short films, including The Sparkling Amber. His feature film debut Capturing DadRead More

Sept.2 Sat @ 1:00 PM 【SF Premiere】
Her Love Boils Bathwater
Special Screening + Q&A

Sang-il Lee

Sang-il Lee, a Japan-born Korean film director and writer, is probably most well-known as the director of Hula Girls, based on the true story of coal miners’ daughters in a small village in northern Japan… Read More

Sept.9 Sat @ 1:00 PM【SF Premiere】
Special Screening + Q&A

Kaori Momoi
Director / Actress

As the leading actor of Japan, Kaori Momoi has appeared in over 60 films, and is the most awarded actress in Japan, including an Academy Award of Japan. She has appeared in Akira Kurosawa’s KagemushaRead More

Sept.10 Sun @ 2:45 PM 【US Premiere】
Special Screening + Q&A

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